Hey honey, here’s our story.

It was a warm day in August, perhaps a Tuesday, when Camilla enthusiastically looked up from her laptop “David from the office down the hall is posting on Linkedin!”

Her colleagues nodded “Yes we have noticed. He says very smart things about marketing.”

Social Recruiters at Minjon and Growth Marketers at The F Company had by then been co-habiting at Kenno Lounge for two years. But much like squirrels and birds inhabiting the same tree, there had been very little interaction. A polite “hello” at the coffeemaker, a nod in the hallway. It didn’t help that both parties secretly suspected the other party was stealing their beers from the communal fridge. (Turns out that wasn’t the case, but to this day no-one knows what happened to the brewskies.)

Let’s check back in with Camilla on that warm Tuesday afternoon. She leaned back in her chair – it was true, David’s LinkedIn posts were incredibly insightful. They were also funny. That was surprising, because the tall Australian guy (Camilla assumed he was Australian, which in fact, he is not) looked so serious in the hallway.

Inspired by David’s knowledge and wit, Camilla and her colleague Laura asked David out to lunch. A week later they were all having California Maki and green tea at the local sushibar. It was a very pleasant meeting, and David said more smart things about marketing. Camilla was impressed “He is so assertive. Or maybe he is just tall? Tall people are usually very assertive.”

David was so into the discussion, he barely remembered to eat. He thought Camilla said very smart things about recruitment and attracting talent “Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been sharing an office with these brilliant recruiters for two years without talking to them.”

After lunch, Camilla immediately called her business partner Satu. She explained to Satu that David had said very smart things about growth marketing. Satu was impressed “Wow, those are very smart things about marketing. Maybe The F Company could help us out with growth marketing?”

What followed next is not very interesting. A beautiful pitch was held. Hands waving. A lot of nodding. An eyebrow was raised here and there. The proposal was made, read and approved. By September, The F Company and Minjon were officially collaborating. The upcoming months were full of workshopping, creating and having fun together.

It’s time to enter 2020. In January both Minjon and The F Company were growing and recruiting. The F Company asked Minjon for help with finding the right talent. Camilla, Satu, Ravi and David gathered in a meeting room. Another pitch was held. It was less serious. Minjon served popcorn. Soon, the two companies were collaborating even more intensely.

It was around this time that this self-declared awesome foursome started discussing employer branding.

“Satu is very good at recognizing authentic values and cultural traits in organizations.”
“Camilla is very good at creating engaging social media content for recruitment purposes.”
“David is very good at creating digital marketing journeys for potential customers.”
“Ravi is very good at gathering and analyzing marketing data.”

“What if the “customer” was a potential talent? What if we engaged that talent with great social media content? What if that content reflected the employer’s true values and culture? What if we created a whole journey for the talent to get to know the employer? What if we gathered data from those journeys are measured the results?”

“Would we attract the right talent?”

Excited and curious, they all nodded in unison.